Pocket Picks – October 10



Zoral Khurram/Roads & Kingdoms

SLAUGHTER: “Eid in Karachi was once a simpler affair, but Karachi’s nouveau rich have turned cattle buying into an extreme sport.” via Roads and Kingdoms

FATHERHOOD: “A dad in his 30s who cares for a baby is adorable. A 50-something dad who attends to a teenager is suspect.” via The Atlantic

SLUTS AGAINST HARPER: “It’s not an exploitation of women’s bodies, but it’s us taking action and using our bodies as a resource.” via Motherboard

IN CAMERA: “I love to watch an actor within a shot… I feel I’m the first person watching it.” via Interview

NO BOSSES: “Work was fun, which is good, because people never really stopped working. Meetings might be scheduled at 10 p.m. on a Sunday, in the middle of what appeared to be a party” via The New Republic


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